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This dough yielded the best results from the trial run of three different recipes. I compared recipes with different kinds of fat: one with cream cheese, one with margarine, and this one with oil. All the cookies were delicious, but this dough was the easiest to work with, the cookies retained their shape well during baking, and the light crunch of every bite was especially delightful. I was out of almond extract and added a pinch of salt to the dough. I rolled the dough quite thin, about 1/6-1/8". Although some seams opened up a bit during baking, the cookies did not get flattened, and the filling stayed inside. My family loved the Hamantaschen, and I am making a full batch of these cookies today for an upcoming party. Thank you very much for posting this great recipe!

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romagen March 21, 2010
Hamantaschen Dough (Aka Hamantashen / Oznei Haman)