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READY IN: 1hr 50mins
Recipe by T. Woolfe

This was one of those "I wonder what if" things. Those cherries needed useing. I had the ham slice in the freezer from the last batch of D, BTAGBeans. I buy a shank end and get my butcher friend to saw a couple super thick slices off then the shank goes into the bean pot. All in all it was tasty and moist. Didn't sandwich bad either.

Top Review by El Mago

I wanted to try a recipe using some kind of alcoholic beverage, and this one sounded interesting. As I checked the quality and consistency of the rum, I had my kids get the other ingredients. I mistakenly brought home a 9 pound ham instead of a 3 inch ham steak. - No problem, increase the rum, brown sugar, cherries and even threw in the cherry juice! My pyro Son did the lighting of the rum. That was really cool. The more the rum heated the bigger the flame got. Good thing we had a cathedral ceiling in the kitchen! We cooked the ham at a higher temp according to the instructions that came with the ham, in water at 350 for 2 hrs covered in foil. Then we uncovered it, took the water out, added the rum mix and baked at 300 for 30 more min. basting several times. WOW!!! Amazing!!! We used a probe thermometer and when the center got to 160 degrees, we took it out. That ham fed my wife and I, our two kids, took some to my parents, and put the rest in Ziploc bags and froze for future use. Oh, and the ham bone will also make an appearance in another recipe! Thanks T. Woolfe, great recipe. Perhaps next time I may throw some pineapple in the rum mix too!

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  1. Put rum in small pot and heat on stove over low heat.
  3. Spark lighter over pot as soon as it warms.
  5. As soon as the flames begin to die, add the Cherries.
  6. Let it reduce and add the brown sugar.
  7. Let it reduce some more while you place the trimmed slice in a roaster, I use a big cast iron skillit.
  8. Stick your remote probe thermometer, YOU DO HAVE ONE DONCHA, long way in the thickest part of the slice.
  9. Scrape the cherry glop on top and drizzle the remaining juice over the yams.
  10. Put uncovered in a 240 slow oven till the internal temp is 150 degrees F.
  11. This will take a while so baste it with the juice every half hour or so.

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