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An excellent B&B recipe. I've included the photo - well forgot to take the picture before we had already served and munched a good chunk of it, but it was very tasty! I was concerned that it would be bland because the only spice was nutmeg and black pepper. But, trust me on this one, it's easily a crowd pleaser. Made a great brunch item. I had a honey baked ham so cut slice/chunks, my cheese on hand was muenster, I also added a few sliced mushrooms, I didn't use butter or olive oil either - just cooking spray... so a little different, a little lighter maybe, but yummy! Everyone would like this even if they don't like spinach. Mine also was much smaller. I've never made a strata before, didn't even know what it was, but my "what I had on hand" version sure was tasty and easy. Thanks, Nif, Great easy recipe, much appreciated!

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Laurita April 12, 2009
Ham, Spinach and Fontina (Or Gruyere) Strata