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Very good taste. The flavor was exactly what I was looking for. The texture just didn't do it for me though. I did reduce the mayonnaise a bit, I made a half recipe and used about 1/3 cup and it was just enough. The problem I had was even though I diced the ham quite small, the mixture didn't hold together well, and made eating the sandwich a bit messy. I will definitely make again. I'm thinking of just tossing everything in the food processor and pulsing a few times to see if that improves the texture. Thanks Inez for a great start!

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Deborah1 January 05, 2003

I specially liked this because it was not swimming in mayonnaise. It does need to chill so that the minced onion softens.

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Charlotte J May 08, 2002

This was wonderful, my picky non sandwhich eating daughter had it in her lunch today and loved it!!! Hubby will get it in his lunch tomorrow and I am sure he will be surprised! Many Thanks!

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kitina January 06, 2003

Tasty sandwich spread, I made it for sandwiches we took on a picnic. I used some finely chopped red onion in place of the minced kind.

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Evie* September 09, 2002

This is a delicious sandwich spread, but the consistancy is a bit 'soupy'. I will definitely make this again, but will try just one cup of mayo to see if that dries it out to the texture I most prefer.There's certainly nothing lacking in flavor!

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Two Socks August 27, 2003

I made a much scaled down version of this recipe and didn't measure anything. The ingredients blended together very well and I will not hesitate to make this again. I likely will never get the same consistency but I'm sure the taste will be there.

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Darlene10 December 05, 2009

I am giving this five stars because it is so retro. Took me right back to the 50s when my Mom often made something like this, and that's just what I was looking for. I used to help grind the ham (sometimes bologna) in the good old table-top hand-cranked grinder. Now I use my good old food processor. This is salty, but tastes good. It makes a good sandwich by itself, but today I enjoyed the last of it by laying sliced mozzarella cheese on half a small baguette, then piling ham salad on top. This made good work lunches all week. Thank you, MizzNezz, for sharing a fond food memory from the past.

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Heirloom Tomato April 23, 2009

I ground my ham and added about 1/4 tsp of celery seeds, as a personal prefence, It tasted every bit as good without them. I loved the extra flavor the worcestershire sauce added. We will definitely be keeping this recipe and using it often. Since the ham I used was ground we were also able to use this as a cracker spread without pieces of ham falling off the crackers.

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Treenickel April 19, 2009

I scaled this down to 3 servings since I was making a variety of sandwiches for my BF for lunch today. I don't think I have ever eaten ham salad before but the picture Parsley posted really peaked my interest. I thought it was just a little watery, but that could be easily fixed by reducing the mayo just a tad. I really liked the tang of the onions with the sweet relish. My BF didn't really care for it, but I thought it was a different take on just a plain ham sandwich. I got the deli to slice my ham about 1/4" thick so it was very easy for me to dice it into little pieces without having to pull out my mini processor to chop the ham... plus I hate extra dishes to wash!!! Thanks for posting!!!

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atlfitgirl September 25, 2007

This ham salad is better than any deli purchased I have had to date. In fact, I doubt I purchase ham salad again now that I have this recipe. A nice blend of flavor, easy to make. The worchestershire sauce is the secret ingredient that makes this such a perfect recipe. I opted to use the food grinder attachment to my mixer for the ham as opposed to dicing the ham or using my food processor. I also used dill relish as others had stated due to personal preference. I wisked 1/2 cup of the mayo with the worchestershire sauce and used that first then mixed in small amounts of mayo at a time to reach my desired consistency. I found this best if made the night before to allow the flavors to mellow. I took this to work along with a variety of breads. A majority voted this ham salad on Hearty Rye a wonderful combination. Thanks for sharing MizzNezz!

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Sammijo September 20, 2007
Ham Salad for Sandwiches