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Made this recipe tonight with one major modification...I don't like my biscuits cooked on top of dishes (can't stand the soggy bottoms!) so I cooked them separately. Both the ham and the biscuits were delicious served with Baked Sweet Potato Fries. This was a wonderful meal that was came together quickly and was super easy to prepare. Thanks for a great recipe!

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Dreamgoddess July 17, 2003

As I love dumplings and also biscuits, this makes a unique hybrid: biscuits on top and dumplings on the bottom. For this reason I prepare the recipe in a large iron skillet, and immediately place the biscuits on top, and transfer into the oven to bake the tops of the biscuits.

I also use about double the green peppers, 1 &1/2 times the onion, and a tiny bit of garlic. I find the recipe the most successful use of cooked bell peppers I have ever found. (except perhaps for certain hot dogs with stewed onions and peppers - another admittedly different story.) The flavors are phenomenal. Swiss or aged cheddar or a combination can be used for cheese biscuits.

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Jumper23 January 29, 2012

Great dish to use up my left over ham!

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Ren Stoppelman February 21, 2011
Ham Pie With Cheese Biscuits