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I've probably made 10 batches of these in the past month for various parties. We never have any left over to brink back home. I typically leave off the mustard and the sesame seeds. After trying several shredded cheeses (cheddar, swiss, velveeta), my family has determined that the sliced american cheese is their favorite, which is great for me because it is easier working with the sliced cheeses when rolling. I've also found that the rolls are much easier to slice if they are placed in the freezer for a few minutes. Each time I have made these I have attempted to slice them thinner and thinner so there will be more to go around, but it does take away from the ham and cheese flavor if they are sliced too thin. I would also suggest using a greased cookie sheet, the cheese really sticks to the pan.

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wilson_2178 December 26, 2009

I doubled the recipe and froze them ahead for a party. They were delicous!! I pulled them out of the oven after 11 minutes to slightly undercook them, so that when I took them out of the freezer to reheat them they wouldn't be in danger of over cooking. Very popular with adults and kids alike.

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northcole December 20, 2009

These came out great - the first batch stuck even though I sprayed the cookie sheet - with the second batch I used parchment paper and that solved the problem. Everyone keeps asking for these - they really are yummy !!!!

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Squeaky104 February 02, 2011

I gave this a four instead of a five star only because we did not like them at all when they were reheated from frozen. Right out of the oven they were GREAT, but when I thawed the extras nobody would eat them. I will make this again but won't be freezing any this time.

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boys4christine December 23, 2008

These were a hit! I doubled the recipe and made the first batch exactly as posted. The second batch I used deli sliced chicken breast with hot pepper jack cheese and southwestern mustard. Both types were gobbled up at a tapas party and the recipe was requested all around. Lucky for us there were a handful left and they made a great lunch, heated in the microwave for about 15 seconds. These will be made again...and again in various combinations. Thanks again for sharing!

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Debloves2cook January 23, 2008

I've made these a couple of times over the last few weeks. Hubby devoured them, which was good because I was making them specifically for him. He doesn't normally like mustard on anything but thought it was nice added to these. I did not roll them in the sesame seeds, but only because I did not have any. Next time, I will pop them in the freezer to firm up the dough some before trying to cut them. Thanks for a quick and easy recipe. I'll definitely be making these again, probably for the many holiday parties coming up!

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Chads Cook November 06, 2011

I can't believe I haven't posted a review yet. I've made these a few times and I've always doubled the recipe. Good thing because they disappear in no time. I serve them with different mustard sauces on the side. They are an excellent finger food for appetizers. Thank you.

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DeeDee July 23, 2010

DH inhaled these for lunch (as a side to his bowl of soup). I used leftover spiral ham which probably made it a bit more difficult to prep, but didn't take away from the taste any. I prepared half with Swiss cheese/Grey Poupon, and the second half with sharp cheddar and regular mustard. Both were delicious and I look forward to experimenting more with different tastes. Thanks!

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Jug O'Mud January 06, 2009

My kids are grubbing on this as I type! I didn't want to go with straight mustard so I did half mustard/half light mayo. It worked quite well. I used stone ground mustard and light crescent rolls, 2% sharp cheddar shreds and toasted sesame seeds. I am looking forward to playing with this super-flexible recipe some more! Thank you! Update: we are still loving this recipe! It's in the oven right now. Sorry you got a bad review because people can't READ! Too much cream cheese.....whatever!

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Melissa and Her Pants November 19, 2008

These are good served with ranch or other type dipping sauce but can also stand alone by themselves as an appetizer. I didn't have deli ham so I pulsed the ham a few times in the food processor. Thanks for posting!

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mammafishy March 09, 2012
Ham It up Crescent Rolls