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The supper dishes have been cleared and bellies are full around here. This crockpot recipe is a definite keeper! I actually cooked a 5 1/2 pound ham (butt portion with bone)and after 6 hours the meat was falling away from the bone. I turned the crockpot to warm and added the cloves, cheese, and pineapple and let simmer for another 2 hours. I was scared the full tablespoon of cloves would be too much for our tastes so I only added 1/2 tbsp. The combination of this simple dish is one we will be making again and again!Perfection!

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smoke alarm jr January 21, 2004

I made this ham recipe today for dinner tonight, and I must say this recipe turned out to be a superb choice. The ham was so tender and the cheese and the pineapples gave it that special touch. It is one of the best hams I have ever cooked. I baked the ham at 275 degrees (it was too large to fit in the crock pot) for three hours and then poured the cheese and the pineapples over, and cooked one hour longer. The aroma was so mouthwatering and everyone wanted to sample it before it even got to the table. Thanks for a really good recipe that I will use again and again.

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robert February 09, 2004

My hubby and I didn't like this ham too well...the parmesan cheese didn't really seem to serve much purpose in the recipe and didn't blend too well with the other flavors.

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PamperedAmberD March 01, 2007

I definately did not like this ham. When I make ham I usually bake it with pinapple and brown sugar. I wanted to try something different and wanted to make it in my new crockpot. So I found this recipe and chose it. I was a little worried about the clove-parmesean combo. Anyway, I thought the full TBSP of cloves was WAY too much. The ham was nice and juicy, but I didn't like the taste of it at all. I'll stick with pineapple and sugar next time.

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Stef Scu December 27, 2005

An easy recipe to follow where the aroma is mouthwatering and the ham, tender.

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CheekyC May 30, 2005
Ham in a Crock Pot