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I was about to add this recipe until I found yours! I use 1/2 tbsp. cream. I use large eggs and standard sized muffin tins and have never run over the edges.
I garnish with green onions instead of parsley.
And mine typically take 13-15 minutes to bake at 350.
But these are DELISH - so easy to make and relatively healthy!

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Emmelyn Stieb March 13, 2012

This is a great recipe..I found round ham (boars head) and some round gouda cheese pre-sliced. I place two pieces of ham , the egg, a slice of tomato and the whole slice of gouda cheese on top...salt & pepper. I forgot the cream or milk but it worked out fine. sprinkled with paprika and garnished with shopped parsley. Would be good with mixed fruit bowl or just about anything for a breakfast side dish. Lots of variations could be applied. Thank you for posting.

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Cook in Mid TN February 07, 2011

Was just about to post this recipe after seeing it in NZ Listener magazine. Apparently the original recipe came from Jill Dupliex's book "Totally Simple Food". It was also on Australian TV made by Ian Hewitson. We had this for lunch today and really enjoyed it. I used small slices of peppered ham which I overlapped around in each muffin tin. (spray tins first) I also tipped off a little of the egg white before sliding each egg into the tins. Didn't have any cream so used a little low fat milk and that worked fine. Served these with grilled tomatoes and wholewheat toast. :)

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Jen T November 12, 2005

This was quite good. It's like a low card McDonald's Egg McMuffin (if you don't eat the toast with it.) The ham makes like it's own little muffin cup for the egg to sit in. Cute! My problem was first getting the ham to stay in the muffin cup - it just kept sliding right back up and opening out flat. I finally took my kitchen scissors and cut in part way toward the center on one side, then it stayed down better. The next problem I had was when I went to add the egg - it more than overfilled the cups - so it was running into other cups, (which I hadn't even sprayed - making a clean up mess!)and I still had the cream and cheese to add. I will make this again - but will look for small eggs - I only had large on hand. Also (this was my fault - not thinking globally), but here in the states it needs to cook at about 350 degrees F. After trying 175 - and that not working - I looked back over the recipe and found it was in C.

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Trisha W May 29, 2004
Ham and Egg in a Muffin Tin