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I also really appreciated the detailed instructions! This was my very first attempt at an omelet and I still had trouble with the folding part, but managed to tuck it all in to where it still looked pretty from the top! I cut the recipe in half for DH and he loved and raved and requested it be put into my regular weekend breakfast rotation! Other bonus, I felt really proud of myself for how well this turned out! Thanks a bunch!

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piranhabriana November 10, 2008

I am so glad you pasted this. Omelets are a very tricky thing to make. I love that it calls for american cheese and not cheddar. I am not a fan of cheddar on eggs.

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Homey December 14, 2013

I did some juggling on the ingredient amounts since I wanted an omelet that would serve the 2 of us! I used 4 eggs, 3 tablespoons of milk & 2 slices of cheese but kept the rest of the ingredients the same! Worked our just right & we had a very nice breakfast, thanks to your recipe! [Made & reviewed in I Recommend recipe tag]

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Sydney Mike June 11, 2011

Well my original plan was to have this for breakfast for the DM and myself tomorrow but it ended up as tonights dinner for 3 (and I would have to say better and more economical than takeaway), served with buttered wholemeal/wholegrain toast (used 5 small eggs and about an 1/8 cup of milk but 4 slices of sharp vintage cheddar and 1/2 cup chopped ham - though I think I could have done with a skillet the next size up but next size up would have been way too big and it didn't help that I had to answer the phone just as I had poured the egg into skillet but had to answer and unfortunately it was the sad news we were expecting that DH's aunt had passed away - he is on night shift so will have to let him know when he gets home in the morning). Thank you looneytunesfan (looks like weetbix tomorrow morning :lol:), made for Potluck Tag.

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I'mPat February 19, 2010

Easy and tasty start to our weekend. My omelette browned too much while waiting for the egg to set (so I am not posting my photos); I used a 10-in omelet pan, which allowed me to turn the cooked egg easily (I normally use this skillet for 6-egg omelettes). For this recipe, it would be necessary to use a 12-in pan to produce a thinner omelet. In my opinion -- I favor low sodium -- no salt should be added in addition to the ham and cheese. I would use extra sharp cheddar cheese next time, but that is personal preference. For the two of us, I would probably use the same amount of ham and cheese, but use 4 eggs and either no milk or only 2 tablespoons milk, and still use my 10-inch skillet. You made me think, looneytunes fan! Made for I Recommend Tag based on 4-H Mom's review.

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KateL June 27, 2009

My family loved this. It was easy for me to throw together. I used shredded Cheddar cheese inplace of the American cheese. Turned out great and I will be making again.

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4-H Mom April 18, 2009

I too, am pretty sorry at making omelets but this was perfect. Ham and cheese are my favorite omelet and when the craving strikes I now have a favorite recipe. I used shredded sharp cheddar cheese instead of American cheese for some extra tang. Scrumptious!

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Marilyn Collari August 03, 2008

This came out perfect. I had never made an omlet before, so thank you for the detailed instructions. I used sour cream rather than milk, and lowered the temperature to low rather than medium-high, my first one came out too dark on the bottom. My husband and boys were asking for seconds.

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Mom2MMCJ November 06, 2007

Made these for the family for breakfast this morning and they loved them. I am not a great omelet maker, but the great directions really helped me become better at it. My favorite type of omelet! Thanks!

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Lainey6605 July 26, 2007
Ham and Cheese Omelet