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What a great idea. I could not find my muffin pan, used a silicone pan that I did not even remember I had which I think is for muffin tops - not very big muffins, but that way, you get to eat more of them. I used left-over ham, more green onions and whatever cheese it was that I had. They stayed in good shape for several days - I'd throw one in my bag to take to work, zap in the microwave and enjoy the envious looks of my officemates.

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duonyte January 30, 2009

i really liked these and will making again they would be a fast breakfast for kids to take with . make these they are great used regular eggs just measure them beat up

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Dienia B. October 04, 2011

Absolutely wonderful muffins, these! They were not only a great breakfast muffin, but made for great daytime snacks as well! And, believe me, any next-day leftovers won't be around very long either! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Made & reviewed in 123 Hits tag]

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Sydney Mike April 09, 2011

These muffins are terrific! I used bacon and left out the onions, and lined my pan with foil liners. The cayenne gave these a really great flavor too. Thanks for posting this great recipe!

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loof February 14, 2009

Wonderful breakfast muffins. One of these muffins with a good cup of coffee or tea and your good to go. They are stuffed full of the ham, cheese and the lovely green onions (I used more green onion than ask for just because I love then in things like this). They raised like skyscrapers and are so light and flavorful that it wouldn't be hard to just keep munching when the first one is gone and if you have teens just stand back. I used extra lean deli ham and fat free cheese. As I didn't want to mess with melting 1 Tbsp of margarine (I made 6 muffins) I just used extra virgin olive oil in it's place and it worked very well. The one thing I would suggest is to oil your pans very well. The cheese melts and sticks to the cups and the 15 min cooling time gives it time to bond like super glue and I had to use a small metal spatula to break the cheese's grip on the pan. That might not be a problem with standard shaped muffin cups. Mine are more shallow and rounded. Don't let that back you off of trying these, they are fabulous!

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Annacia September 26, 2008
Ham and Cheese Buttermilk Muffins