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Great Brunch Item! I used Smoked Kielbasa and Honey Dijon mustard and sweated the chopped onions abit before adding them to them mix. It came out great!

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J. Michael Long December 07, 2002

My Mom and I used to cook this recipe a lot when she worked for the company Cookin' The American Way. I'm a vegetarian now, so I like to substitute Worthington Wham in place of the real ham. I like to cook my onions before adding them, don't care for raw onions. I've used swiss and Monterrey Jack cheese before, both are delicious. You can use frozen broccoli too, just make sure all of the water is squeezed out. My favorite way to cook this is on a stone, makes the crescent rolls crispier. If you do this, you must preheat the stone in the oven, so be very careful when laying out the raw dough.

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danakscully64 January 22, 2010

This recipe was a favorite of mine from the Pampered Chef cookbook. I had all the ingredients on hand and had a "hankering" for the dish, but could not find my PC cookbook....thanks Terri F, for posting the recipe. I will be using it often!

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cookin mimi March 07, 2014

I tried looking for this on the Pampered Chef site but it wasn't there! Thanks for posting it, this has always been a favorite of mine. It looks spectacular on a buffet and is really quite easy to make. It even tastes great at room temperature. Thanks Bethany for the tip of doing it as a long braid!

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Tiny kitchen, big chef December 20, 2008

I was looking for a way to use up my leftover christmas ham and remebered liking this pampered chef recipe. I really didn't expect to like it, but it tastes really good even thought I don't normally like broccoli. I used chedder cheese instead of swiss. The sweetness of the onions and crescent rolls really pull the flavors together. UPDATE: I made this again. This time I used only one package of the jumbo size crescant rolls. Instead of making a wreath, I just did one long braid. I also lightly sauteed the veggies first and I feel that the fillings melded a little better. All of the filling fit into the one braid. Delicious!!!

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Not-2-Sweet April 30, 2008

I knew this would be a great recipe and it didn't disappoint. I took it for a New Year's party and everybody LOVED it! Thanks for sharing.

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Krista Smith January 09, 2008

This is one of the most delicious recipes I've ever made from Pampered Chef. Looks like you really worked hard in the kitchen, but it is quite simple to prepare! I have never added the parsley, but will do so the next time I make it!

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Barenaked Chef February 24, 2004
Ham and Broccoli Ring