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My grandmother also made this wonderful dish.It was the only way she could get her kids to eat cabbage.Same as with my mother,and now with my own kids.This stuff is pure comfort food.

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Mona October 08, 2001

While it's true that this is not a "traditional Haluski" recipe, it certainly lends itself well to preparing this dish for a crowd, and also holds up well for extended warming for parties, buffets, etc. I like it's simplicity. Pairs up nicely with breaded pork chops. I like to think of it as a "simplified version of traditional Haluski":) BTW, I also add ground black pepper and have used margarine instead of butter with excellent results. Thanks for sharing! ~Manda

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Manda August 02, 2004

this is not traditional haluski. Haluski is a czech/polish meal comprising of very small dumplings, almost like gnocchi which is made by pushing a potato dough through a halushki maker which looks like a colander with big holes. It is then commonly served with either cheese, onion, or bacon stirred through.

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banksy August 02, 2004
Haluski for a crowd