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Made this recipe back in the 80s (found it in a magazine Land 'O Lake butter ad) and I've been using it ever since. Taste is so much better than just melting candy caramels. I dip the bottoms in chopped salted peanuts and then place the apples in cupcake papers (the foil ones). Always a hit!!

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syl1969 October 24, 2009

I used a 2 quart sauce pan and when the mixture started to boil it boiled over. I'll use at least a 3 quart next time. The mixture took a long time to get to 240 degrees! It did stay thin long enough to coat all 9 apples. I had enough for more apples but poured the rest on a piece of wax paper so I could have caramel instead. I had never made this type of recipe from scratch and the apples are delicious but it didn't work well for candy caramel. The apples were a hit with my three year old who body painted with the caramel apple. Thanks for sharing.

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truckerboo October 25, 2008

Very good recipe! First time Ive ever made homemade caramel and it was delish.

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Maineiac October 24, 2007

Chef Dee, I really enjoyed preparing Kati's Caramel Apples. The caramel is delightful, and is adaptable to so many uses. I actually made only two caramel apples! I reserved 1 cup of the sauce before it reached soft ball stage and put it in the bottom of a pan of cinnamon rolls...after 30 minutes of baking, it'd caramelized nicely for wonderful caramel cinnamon rolls. I also used about 1/4 cup with some powdered sugar and water for a caramel frosting. With fat free evaporated milk, this is a delicious, low fat, incredibly sweet and tempting recipe. I used 1 cup splenda in place of 1 cup of sugar, and I blended all the ingredients together with 1 T oatrim prior to heating (oatrim is hydrolyzed oat flour, and it's great for fat replacement). Thanks for sharing this fun and easy recipe.

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Heather U. January 17, 2005
Halloween Caramel Apples