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My husband was drinking this out of my squirt bottle if the tells you anything lol

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Dee_73 January 09, 2009

I haven't even used this on anything to barbeque and it's earned its 5 stars! This sauce has an unusual, complex flavor. You have the fruit - but it's not very sweet, the tang from the vinegar and the zing of the spices. As written - do let it meld it was very good at first and great after sitting. This was made for the ZWT 4 Africa Spice It Up Challenge. I substituted fresh mango and 1/4 cup onion for the chutney, and I made curry powder using Homemade Curry Powder, which may be zestier then the original. Since several of the spices in the curry powder are duplicated in the recipe I just added a little extra of the curry powder, though I did add extra corriander. I cut the recipe in fourths, and it still made a generous amount. Thank you Zurie for a great sauce, I can't wait to barbeque this weekend! Reviewed by a Chic Chef for ZWT4 Africa.

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momaphet June 27, 2008

Absolutely wonderful flavor! I may use this instead of my "American" BBQ sauce from now on! I used mango chutney, and regular tomato sauce instead of ketchup. I used it on some chicken for a quick grill, but can't wait to use it again on other meats! I made a double batch so I'd have plenty. Thank you Zurie! Made for ZWT4

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Harley Quinn June 25, 2008

I don't often give 5 stars but, due to the different ingredients and taste, this one is a 5. When I made this up, I didn't think that there was any chance it would be good. Smelled and tasted like French or Catalina dressing. It is certainly NOT either. Used it for brushing baby back pork ribs. Man, it is SO good! I couldn't find chutney, other than Patak's Hot mango. Was just right, though. Zurie, thank you for putting this up. It wil be one of my all-time favorites and will use it again and again. YUM! (I am sorry the photos aren't better. The recipe deserves a much clearer presentation.)

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Queen Dragon Mom September 21, 2007

ZWT4: WOWZERS!! This is awesome Zurie!! I love the combination of flavors!!

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Mom2Rose June 22, 2008
Hakuna Matata All-African Barbecue Sauce!