Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 15 mins

Beef, ground, is by FAR the MOST popular way that Moroccan home cooks use beef. We prefer young beef as we call it here which is also called veal/veau. HOWEVER, veal is raised free range here and used from 6 months to 1 year old. See Hajar's Morocco for Foodies Column 4 on meats in the African Forum. This is served most popularly at home, braziers and sandwich stands. Quick and easy. We serve it at our house with Hajar's wicked sauce tomatish, grilled onions & tomato slices also grilled, salad, bread and a dish of olives. YUM! Here in Morocco Zweena means beautiful. This freezes very well, see below. c.2005

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  1. Mix all ingredients together in suitably sized bowl.
  2. Form the meat into small patties; about as big round as your thumb and forefinger when you form a circle from tip to tip.
  3. Pan fry, grill, broil, or BBQ until fully cooked. Press a bit flat before cooking as you want to avoid much browning.
  4. I most often use the young beef for this and it is always served at home or eaten out with; sauce tomatish, salad, potatoes frites, bread (for dipping into the sauce and scooping up a piece or breaking a piece in half as it is always in a communal bowl/platter), a dish of marinated olives and a pot of mint tea along with your cold beverage. Serves 4.
  5. You can freeze this cooked or prepared to cook. Freeze it as you would any hamburger patty or meatball. Freeze in a container or seperated with wax paper wrapped in cling film, foil, or a ziplok type bag. This is a freindly freezer!
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This was delicious -thanks for posting!

Lisa1 December 27, 2007

Hajar, There is nothing wrong with a 3 star review from me... it just seems to be a case where we adore these ingredients seperately and somehow didn't enjoy them quite as much as we expected to once it was all together. I can't even put my finger on anything specifically wrong at all. We followed the instructions exactly as given. This IS a recipe that I will make again... I would make this several times a year, but it's a 50% hit rather than a 100% hit..if you know what I mean. Please please read my About Me page and see what I mean when I give a 3 star review, I'm a tough reviewer so it doesn't mean a bad recipe, I assure you :) Thanks for posting it.

kiwidutch January 11, 2006