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Yes! A seasoned hairdresser told me about that. She warned not to leave it on for more than 4 minutes. Rinse well and follow with a final rinse of 1 cup or so of water mixed with a dash of vinegar, to correct the acid balance. I had just done that and was shopping when an elderly gent approached me and said "There is a lady with beautiful shiny hair. We never see that anymore."

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Marietta Mary Lou February 08, 2003

My hairdresser just told me that I need to get rid of the build-up on my hair and suggested a pricey shampoo from her salon. Instead I came home and tried your recipe. I mixed the baking soda with the shampoo and started working it into my hair. I could tell something was happening because it smelled different from my shampoo - almost like the smell of perm solution. The lather felt like shaving cream -- very rich. After rinsing, my hair has returned to its normal soft state that I hadn't had in months, and it was easy to style again. Thanks for the great, affordable home beauty treatment!

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Linorama February 13, 2003

Yes Boogaloogle This Really works good,I have been using baking soda for years now,my hair holds hair spray real bad when I try to wash it out,so I use baking soda and it just kind of melts that hair spray right of my hair.This is a real good recipe. Darlene Summers

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Darlene Summers February 05, 2003

I tried this and I loved it. I could tell that all the hair styling junk I put in my hair was just melting away. I will now keep a box of baking soda in my bathroom. My hair thanks you!

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mommyof 3 February 09, 2003

i recently dyed my hair a lovely greenish orange (by mistake of course). i remembered this recipe and drenched my hair in dish soap and baking soda for 15 minutes, then i rinsed it and watched most of the orange go down the drain. after rinsing, i used mayonaise to condition. i still had to go to the hairdresser and get a professional dye but this helped alot! i have learned my lesson, thanks for a very helpful recipe!

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erinn in tbay February 25, 2003

I tossed my semi expensive but worthless hair clarifing shampoos. They never did what this has done for my hair. I also added a final rinse of apple cider vinegar too. TIP: I also used to use the hair shine products to bring out my highlights, I now use just a bit of olive oil to add shine to my dried styled hair ( not on the scalp - will flatten the hair). Thank you for sharing this great idea !

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peachez July 04, 2003

This recipe will work to clarify your hair but it also is very aggressive, will strip haircolor, make your hair dry and your scalp very dry. Make sure to rehydrate your scalp by massaging conditioner into your scalp after.

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whatcha got cookin April 10, 2012

I found this helpful recipe accidentally and will be forever grateful.
wow. I have extremely fine, problem hair. I have spent a small fortune
over the years and have never had the results that this simple recipe

warning, if your have colored your hair, it may strip out.

bless whoever posted this.

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honeymontana July 21, 2010

AAA+! Amazing! Awesome! My hair is thick, coarse and curly. I've always had problems with buildup and have found some products that help but nothing like this! I feel like I have normal hair now! My husband even mentioned how nice my hair looked today and I didn't even really fix it. He said it looked ALL BOUNCY. Feels great, too. I followed directions and also added the cup of water/tablespoon of vinegar mix afterwards and before conditioning. I think that step would have been easier in the sink though. Thank you so much for this--I will be using it again!

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Queen Puff October 02, 2009

Whoa. I'd shampooed my hair without conditioning it to see the results of this clarifier. Well, after my shower, I gathered my hair to clip it up to avoid dripping water on the bathroom floor... and it squeaked. My hair squeaked. It also felt "squeaky clean" even though I was using a very light touch to gather my hair. That was interesting indeed... can't get much cleaner than that without stripping the hair. UPDATE: Now that it's dry, it has an incredible natural shine and has more lift than I usually get with my thick head of long hair. UPDATE: Over 24 hours later and I can't stop running my fingers through my hair. My hair strands are very thick, and yet my hair is now downy soft to the touch even though I omitted conditioning and rinse to test this clarifier.

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FuzzyKiwi July 30, 2009
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