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Count me in as a lover of *Hairballs* ~ and you can count my whole fam too, even my vegan son, who adored them. Making them vegan, instead of the m&m's I used *Whizzers* Chocolate Beans (made by Allergycare) and subbed organic soy milk (unsweetened) for the milk. I used Earth Balance Sticks in place of the butter. These were gorgeous little "Hairballs" that were as much fun to look at as to devour. I also used the tablespoon size to put them together, and rolled half in coconut. I loved the chow noodles, they really added a cuteness & a nice crunch. These were perfect! I will make more this XMAS and I know they will be gone, lickity split! Made for *Everyday is a Holiday* Novembre 2009

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm November 29, 2009

Easy peasy to do and totally addictive. I loved the addition of the oats. Some I rolled in the coconut and some I left without as I am not a big coconut eater myself. Very yummy !!

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katew November 21, 2009

Made these for KK's Kitchen Recipe Tag Game. I used Dark Chocolate Cocoa, and after making some with the coconut, changed it up a bit and rolled some in mini M&M's and others in chopped peanuts. The came our just as nice and for those who don't like coconut these worked nicely. I did make them up in Tablespoon size, which next time I will use a smaller spoon as these are very rich and the smaller size would be more in line with that richness. Thank you Coffee for a lovely recipe which will be made up for the Holiday Faire Bake Sale this year.

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Chabear01 November 20, 2009
Hair Balls