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Sir, like the other two commentors, I would hasten to remind you that traditional Scottish, Irish, or English cooking normally did not involve any kind of red peppers or tabasco sause under a regular basis. Especialy not Hagis- to use such a thing and say its an immitation to not only the Scots but also to any true hearted Ren Faire Guild Member, I happen to be both. Try something like a Lintel Stew, it'll be much closer to real period food.

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~*Sarah*~ December 29, 2002

This has WAY too many ingredients for a real haggis, especially all the spicy pepper stuff and so many herbs, and where on earth did you get the idea that any kind of poultry would ever make it into a Haggis? Haggis is made with some black pepper, with mutton/lamb and some herbs, but not that many, and certainly not with any kinds of pepper/chili sauces . And none of the ingredients are not safe for human consumption. It is amazing what Americans make up about cultures they don't have a clue about. It's like the idiots who came over and refused to buy lambswool sweaters because they might catch foot and mouth.

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becrossman December 09, 2002

wow...this looks real complicated...I have an easyer recipie somewhere..just have to find it. It is a traditional scottish recipie passed down to me using the "real " ingredience... All available from any butcher.

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Dolphin January 19, 2002

Close but really no comparison to real Scottish Haggis but i must say this rates a close second

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Bluenoser April 11, 2007