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Great hot pepper jelly! I've made this twice now and today was a double batch. I personally loved it just as submitted, but my daughter thought it was too sweet. I cut back on the sugar today so we'll see if she likes this better. I tried several pepper jelly recipes this year and hands down this is my favorite. The apricots just take it to another level. I did use a stick blender to chop up the solids. They seem to stay suspended in the jelly without turning the jars after processing. Thanks for sharing.

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Mary K. W. September 01, 2009

I made this last summer while I was canning, and then again tonight. It is a wonderful jelly spicy & sweet with just a little vinegar tartness to it. I think its best to use a food processor to do the apricots and habaneros/jalapenos; it helps limit the amount of contact my hands and skin have with the pepper oils and helps me pack a little bit more apricot into the jam for my own personal taste.
Great recipe! Thanks for sharing.

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ucnclmeal June 07, 2012

My dad introduced me to this jelly after he made a batch and it is wonderful! I recently tried my hand at it and I messed up a little. All I could find in the store was powdered pectin and, since I had never made jelly before, I wasn't sure how to use it correctly. So the jelly didn't come out as thick as it should have. Chalk that up to operator error. Also, I thought I'd kick it up a bit and leave half the seeds; bad idea. This stuff was so hot my mouth was burning a half hour after just tasting it. However, many people like super hot and I was able to give it all away and get my jars back so I can try it again with more knowledge :) Great recipe!

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Scafire-Jen February 28, 2012

I've made this several times and my family and friends love it. I substituted mixed dried cherries for apricots once because of food allergies. It was a lovely red color and not quite as sweet as with the apricots but we still loved it. I will definitely do both again. Thanks for the recipe.

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Lisa S. July 29, 2014

This is an awesome recipe! We had never had this type of jelly before, and now the whole family really enjoys it!

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Lisa1965 September 24, 2011

I'd rate this 5 stars on the appearance alone, looks so nice in the faceted jars with the bright gold and flecks of red and green. But tasted prior to canning and it was wonderful too with the compo of sweet and spicy. I followed the recipe but doubled it as was sure I'd want more than 3 jars and glad I did. So far my only issue is that they haven't seemed to firm up as I'd hoped but maybe that will happen later, I'll be keeping an eye on them and hoping as I think they'll be an awesome addition to my holiday gift baskets.

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Bonnie G #2 September 21, 2011

Got rave reviews on the Christmas jars I gave away, the heat lovers could not get enough. I doubled the recipe and used sure gel liquid pectin with great results. Thank you for posting this recipe.

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RedHeadToToe December 31, 2009

I came across this recipe in a case of jars I had bought so I thought I would do a search and sure enough here it is!! Its awesome! The best Ive made yet! I used the food processor and pulsed the peppers & onion until they were fine..I found after bottling the jelly the finer bits of peppers and onions seemed to have settled all through the jelly while the apricots which i done by hand kinda of settled more so to the top next time I will put them in the processor as well! I cant complain its the best pepper jelly Ive tasted yet! .Lovvvee this recipe !!!

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FiggyDuff August 23, 2008

Excellent Habanero jelly. Very easy to make. I didnt add any seeds and it was hot enough like that. Love the hot and the sweet taste, the apricots are a nice addition to this jelly. I used habanero peppers. Will be making this again. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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Calee October 16, 2007

Good, hot, and a nice way to use those leftover habaneros. Made things simpler doubling the recipe, weighing the peppers, and using a food processor for the peppers and onions. With doubling the recipe: 100g (3.5 oz) each of sweet and habanero peppers. Used 5.5 cups of sugar, so a little less than double the recipe. One 3 oz envelope of Ball liquid pectin gelled just fine with the double recipe. (Note that with Ball you should boil 1 minute after adding the pectin). Yield was EXACTLY six 8 ounce jelly jars. Thank you for posting this!

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Comedie December 03, 2006
Habanero Gold Jelly