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I made this jelly the other night, and I love it. I de-seeded the peppers to make sure it wasn't too spicy (not for myself, but for everyone else i was sharing it with) and it became the perfect level of hot. It's got a sweet pepper and garlic taste to it, without much spice at all until after it has been swallowed. Then it leaves a nice burn in the throat, but nothing unbearable. I added some oregano to it, which i think helped with the taste. This was extremely simple to make and I would definitely do it again. It goes great on bagels and toast. I even put it on a sandwich with cheese, basil, pepperoncini peppers, and a tiny bit of champagne dill mustard and it was delicious. I want to try making it again some time with a little less pectin to make it more or a dip. I could imagine it being great to dip chips and pretzels in.

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blameo January 31, 2012
Habanero Garlic Jelly