Recipe by Opossumgravy

This is a great alternative for the non-dairy types of people out there.And it applies for strawberry, vanilla or chocolate shakes.

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  1. Take an ice cream flavor of your preference and leave it to melt in a glass.
  2. Add your water on top.
  3. Now add the flavor that matches the ice cream flavor you choose. I would go with 1 tablespoons but if you like it stronger then add more.
  4. You can either blend it all or mix it by hand.
  5. Drink up.
  6. I am not sure yet if 1 tablespoons of vanilla is adequate but I imagine you could go with caramel ice cream topping as a substitute.
  7. But on that note I imagine jellies or other toppings would be great to mix in with vanilla ice cream as well.
  8. There's a while word of flavor, so try things until you like them.

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