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Although the spices were right, this gyro meat was completely ruined by her call for 3 tablespoons of salt. I don't know how salty you must like your food, but this made the meat so salty my family and I couldn't even eat it. I normally taste my things as I'm cooking, but I obviously couldn't do that with raw meat when I was seasoning it. It was a mistake on my part to trust a recipe so thoroughly, but when you're making a meal of 5 dishes at the same time, these things aren't always at the front of your mind. Perhaps it's an author error (let's hope) and it's meant to be TEAspoons? Additionally, the strips did not turn out to be "strips" at all. The meat was completely crumbly and fell apart. I was not able to keep the meat formed into any kind of resemblance of a gyro strip. I recognize that making your own gyro meat isn't the easiest of tasks, so perhaps I'll try another recipe for them. Or I'll search out some market with them pre-made.

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leahestella March 27, 2008
Gyros Quick and Easy (Donair / Donar)