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I made some modifications to ours, but we still really enjoyed it. I added about a 1/4 tsp basil to the marinade, some sea salt, pepper, & a pinch of sugar. Also I only used about 2T of lemon juice since I used fresh-squeezed & didn't want it to over power the pork. Then, I placed my pork strips OVER sliced red & yellow onions in a 9x13 pan, and baked them about 20 minutes at 350. To the cucumber sauce, i just added salt & pepper. It was a great combo of flavors, & I'll be making it again! Wonderful summer time dinner. I served i it with "KittenCals Famous Greek Salad". Yummmmmm!

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Rachie P March 26, 2010

This just didn't work for us. I marinaded the pork strips for 3 hours. When I put them in the baking dish they were already turning white in color due to the lemon juice. It had a little too much lemony taste, but it was still relatively good. The cuke sauce needed some salt or something - but I know that is a personal taste. This is a good base recipe and I will play with it to make it to our taste - so thanks for posting! Made for I Recommend Tag game.

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Color Guard Mom January 17, 2009

I too had a little trouble getting the meat to brown, I think I could cut it a little thinner or even shave it so the meat will marinate even more and cook faster. Maybe even cook the meat in a skillet... The marinade was excellent, I was thinking it would be strange because of the mustard or lack flavor since there is no added salt, but my husband and I agreed that it was very good as it was. hmm, the possibilities for making this good recipe even better will keep bringing us back to this alternative to fried pork chops! UPDATE: Made this as a marinade for pork chops and cooked them in a skillet. Yum! served with warm cabbage salad and mashed potatoes. The only off-put is the bright yellow color!

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PhillyDesigner September 04, 2008

I loved the flavor of the marinade but had some problems with the actual preparation. At the end of 10 minutes, my chops - though not especially thick - were still pretty raw. Ended up going another 5 minutes 'til done but still had no color. Turned on the broiler for one minute, a little color but my meat was now a little tough. Fortunately, the slicing up took care of this a bit. The tadziki (sp?) was really good and well balanced in its seasonings. Next time i will let the cukes leach out a little water before adding the yogurt so that the final result is firmer. Flavors are really quite good so I will play with this agian to get it just right. Thanks Laurie!

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justcallmetoni October 31, 2005
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