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Yummy! I spotted this recipe a few weeks ago and have been looking forward to making this - fortunately, it did not disappoint! I used lamb because I love it with these flavors (plus gyros are often made with a combo of lamb and beef). My one criticism (if you can call it that) is that I would say this is more like 6 servings not 10 servings. Otherwise I loved it! Thanks for sharing!

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flower7 April 15, 2012

*****rating is for gyro seasoning (paste) only**** I made this into a loaf (in a bread pan) & baked in the oven at 350 until done. The flavors were spot-on & the smell was amazing. I used another recipe for the cucumber yogurt dill sauce. Thanks for sharing, this will be my go to recipe going forward.

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Larawithoutau September 14, 2014

This was a pretty good recipe. I wound up mixing ground beef and rice together since everyone said that it didn't seem to make as much as the recipe suggested and we got about 8 burritos out of it. I also quadrupled the paste mixture, except I only doubled the cinnamon, cumin and red pepper flakes. I also added in some paprika (about 2 tsp), just because I like it. When I added the paste to the pan, I also added about 1/2 cup of water for a saucier burrito. The only thing I think I will do differently next time is that I would chop up the cucumber and put it in a strainer for a bit to get rid of some of the liquid. On my first bite the sauce rocketed out of the bottom of my burrito like a geyser, but I will say that it tasted very good. I also stirred the onions into the sauce since that's how I've always made tzatziki and it softens the onions after it sits for a bit. This was a pretty solid recipe that we all enjoyed and I will be making again in the near future.

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PSU Lioness October 03, 2012

Someone posted a review and photo on one of the community forums and I knew I needed to try this recipe. Made as is, it made 6 small or 5 large Gyro burritos. The meat mixture was wonderful. The cucumber sauce was a bit bland, so I added about a tsp of garlic. My hubby loves gyros and was pleased with this version. Thanks for sharing!

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Gadgetsmidnight April 26, 2012

I wanted to adopt you during the Pick-A-Chef event, and didn't get the chance, but my family was so very excited to try this recipe that I made it anyway. Although we aren't vegetarian, we do eat veg once in a while and although we made this the first time with ground beef, we are looking forward to seeing how amazing the rice tastes with the gyro paste. The only changes I made were to omit the cinnamon, as we've had a bad experience with the beef & cinnamon combination in the past, and use half plain yogurt to make up for the rest of the sour cream I didn't have on hand. I agree with flower7 on the servings and have also decided that if I need to stretch it for more than 3 in the future, I'm going to make double paste and use both rice and ground beef. We LOVED this recipe! Excellent flavor and easy to make. Thanks for sharing your recipe, saxswamp!

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**Tinkerbell** April 21, 2012
Gyro Burritos