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Yum! We used Mustard, Collard and Chard for this and it turned out great! I look forward to making this again.

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Seattlejo March 02, 2003

Great recipe, thanks for posting! I used leftover rice and the chard I wasn't thrilled to get in my farm share this week, and got a tasty meal! Like Roosie I added a bellpepper that needed to be used up, and a bit of garlic (just because I love it so) I'll be making this again.

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PioneerValleyGirl June 16, 2012

I did modify this a little, but its a great recipe and very versatile (as most gumbos are!). We added some meat- some smoked ham, a small tiliapia fillet and a couple slices bacon. We also used a red bell pepper and quite a few cloves of garlic. I used organic red russian kale and this was just a wonderful way to use the greens. I think this would also be great with a stronger green like mustard. I used the spices called for and also added about a tsp of Emeril's Essence Creole Seasoning Emeril's Essence Creole Seasoning. We also used beef stock rather than vegetable (I used Better than Boullion, and kept it light though). I used brown rice for the rice as well. So, I hope you don't mind all the modifications we made- it made a fantastic dinner. I am always buying greens and then struggling to figure out how to use them. This is a great twist on gumbo and a great way to get the nutrients from the greens. We served with sour cream and Crystal hot sauce- I enjoyed mine with a little extra sharp cheddar. Just great. A keeper! Thank you for another winner, Jenny!

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Roosie February 28, 2005
Gumbo 'Zerbes