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Guiso in Spanish means: Stew This particular stew with peaches is called Carbonada, it is a very typical Argentinian dish. I have had carbonada a million time but this is the first time I made it myself. I was very pleased with the results, it was delicious. I made it with pork because I always thought it would be a good combination (and I was right), also added some hot pepper flakes. In Argentina we serve it in a pumpkin, it looks very pretty, to bad we don't celebrate Halloween, it would be a perfect dish for the occasion.

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MsPia July 15, 2009

Almost passed this recipe by, but then saw the intriguing combination of veggies & peaches & I just had to try it out on company we had over the weekend! It's always nice to have those for dinner who enjoy trying unusual dishes like this one! I did, however, change one thing (well, two, but...) ~ I substituted chicken breasts for the veal & a homemade chicken broth for the beef broth! We had a very tasty main course stew for our meal, thanks to your recipe ~ Many thanks! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Went to the Market tag]

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Sydney Mike June 29, 2009