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Gugelhupf/Kuglof/Kugelhopf is a cake steeped in the rich traditions of many European countries so I was very happy to find this one recipe that so closely resembled the one my mother used to bake.

I followed the recipe ingredients and instructions and my kuglof came out beautifully moist and delicious!! Thank you for sharing your family's recipe!

Some additional notes: I don't have a food processor but kept the butter cold and mixed it with AP flour in my Kitchen Aid mixer. When it became crumbly, I kept it in the refrigerator until I needed it again (oops no pun intended:) When I kneaded, I used my one hand and a wooden spoon; no problems but dough hook may even be easier!

Roll out the dough at the very end! It is very sticky indeed - which is a good thing because it makes for a moist cake - but keep it in the refrigerator until you've made the filling. I rolled the dough over a well floured silpat baking mat because it makes for less mess than over my countertop and worked quickly with the filling and final rolling. Working quickly with cold dough means there is last chance for disaster!

For those of you who aren't familiar with using yeast: I used 2% milk and wasted two cups of it and 2 packages of dry active yeast because I didn't know how to properly make yeast froth! I was down to one package and here is what worked: I microwaved the milk on high for 1 minute; stirred n the 1 TB of powdered sugar and 1 package of yeast; mixed vigorously with a wooden spoon then covered my milk with a towel. Ten minutes later it was frothing like mad.

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Mira1 January 03, 2013
Gugelhupf / Kuglof / Kugelhopf - German/Hungarian Coffee Cake