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this nearly got 1 star, cause I made it and it looked right, but it was still liquid when it got cold :( SO, I put it back on the heat and simmered for ages , and then I bottled it, and OMG it is great. the colour, the smell and the taste is perfect!!! and for an added thrill, I mixed some with Chrissy O's wato's chillie sauce, and I reckon I could sell that magic drop for about $100 an ounce!!! thanks so much for fab and easy recipe!!

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mummamills March 03, 2004

This started out great, but I had a blonde moment and cooked it too high for too long...so it turned into hard candy. Tastes pretty good, but is not jelly, obviously.

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Éowyn L. May 26, 2014

Made this once as written, and thought it was a good base recipe, but way too sweet and lacking for interest. In all fairness, we can't grow guava around here so lord knows how fresh/fragrant the ones are that get shipped here. But... second time, I made some variations, and my husband said it might've been the best thing he ever put in his mouth! 1. I added a small finger of ginger to pot with the first boil. Quartered it to expose the flesh, but left it big enough to remove easily later. 2. I didn't do the four hour strain thing. Took it right from the stove and poured it through a fine mesh strainer, and used a rubber spatula to push most of the pulp through the mesh, leaving the seeds and ginger behind. Took a grand total of five minutes. 3. I used roughly half the sugar. 4. I subbed lime juice for the lemon. 5. After boiling it down to the right consistency, I added orange zest and red pepper flakes, and simmered about five minutes longer to bloom the flavors. I never had quava jelly before, so might be missing the mark for nostalgia factor... but seriously, with these changes, it was absolutely incredible!

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Robyn H. March 29, 2016

This is the exact recipe we have been using in my family for about 70 years! DON'T try any of the recipes on YouTube, they don't know what they're doing! A word of advice, it should boil hard, but you have to stir hard so it won't boil over, when it is about to set, it will change to a darker color and it should "sheet" off the spoon (when several drops come together and fall in a sheet), that's the moment to turn it off. I keep all the citrus seeds from juices, etc., and make little muslin bags full and boil one in each batch. This will help with the pectin and the setting of the jelly. If after it has cooled it is not set, leave it for a few weeks (sometimes months) and it will eventually set beautifully. Thanks for sharing this great recipe.

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nanorozco@prodigy.net.mx March 24, 2016

In case people are wondering why no pectin is added, guava gas a lot if natural pectin so you don't need to.

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bananalegs March 23, 2016

Forgot to rate.... definitely 5 stars. It is yummy yummy.

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Bobbie D. October 23, 2015

This is a wonderful recipe. My question now is how do you store it?

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Mari Jo H. August 23, 2015

HELP! I began with a pot of guavas, many times what's called for in this recipe but follow the direction proportionally. When finished cooking I ran it through a juicer and threw away the pulp and seeds. Then put the rest in the fridge till the following day. It appeared to have a lawer of thick paste like material on top so I started dipping it off. It turned out to be 90% of the pot! OMG !!! I separated the two and used the thin lovely nectar for jelly which turned out better than any I've had before. The taste delicious and consistency perfect but I haven't a clue what to do with the rest. I'm considering making paste or some type of thickened paste like materials to be used for cooking. Anyone have any ideal why it turned out this way? I first tried mashing it threw a funnel colander but it was way too hard for the amount I had to deal with. I'll make small batches next time for sure. But for now I have this seedless, tasty "stuff" I need help with "what to do with it"! The original recipe is WONDERFUL and if followed properly is perfect. The best jelly I've had and believe me I'll always follow it carefully without adding my own spin!

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debsart4941 August 01, 2015

Beautiful recipe. This is the best use of all the guavas in my house! Re the comment about pectin, yes that is true, however the seeds from fruit contain natural pectin, so you can throw in the lemon/lime seeds if you're really worried, or you could use jam sugar, which has added pectin to help the setting. Either way, I didn't do either of those things, and simmered it for aaaaaaages after I added the sugar. A ridiculously long time. I was testing it by putting a spoonful in a cup and putting the cup into the fridge to see if it would set. It has become the perfect 'jelly' consistency, and my entire family is madly in love with this new recipe! Thank you :-)

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richsaralex May 01, 2015

Not a good recipe. To make jelly you must add pectin. Follow this recipe for guava syrup.

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P.Q. Butterfat January 06, 2015
Guava Jelly