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this nearly got 1 star, cause I made it and it looked right, but it was still liquid when it got cold :( SO, I put it back on the heat and simmered for ages , and then I bottled it, and OMG it is great. the colour, the smell and the taste is perfect!!! and for an added thrill, I mixed some with Chrissy O's wato's chillie sauce, and I reckon I could sell that magic drop for about $100 an ounce!!! thanks so much for fab and easy recipe!!

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mummamills March 03, 2004

This started out great, but I had a blonde moment and cooked it too high for too long...so it turned into hard candy. Tastes pretty good, but is not jelly, obviously.

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Éowyn L. May 26, 2014

Beautiful recipe. This is the best use of all the guavas in my house! Re the comment about pectin, yes that is true, however the seeds from fruit contain natural pectin, so you can throw in the lemon/lime seeds if you're really worried, or you could use jam sugar, which has added pectin to help the setting. Either way, I didn't do either of those things, and simmered it for aaaaaaages after I added the sugar. A ridiculously long time. I was testing it by putting a spoonful in a cup and putting the cup into the fridge to see if it would set. It has become the perfect 'jelly' consistency, and my entire family is madly in love with this new recipe! Thank you :-)

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richsaralex May 01, 2015

Not a good recipe. To make jelly you must add pectin. Follow this recipe for guava syrup.

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P.Q. Butterfat January 06, 2015

Almost identical to my mother's recipe. Except, using a thermometer, cook to 223 degrees F. Think all will find this helpful. Nadya

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woelfers November 14, 2014

Tried this after getting a hankering for the taste of the islands and I must say...THANK YOU!!! Simple recipe and delicious! I actually had 14 ripe guavas of different varieties, so the flavor is kind of exotic. Nevertheless, my kitchen smelled heavenly fir hours! FYI - cheesecloth is best used to strain the juice; smoother cooking using confectioner's/powdered sugar rather than table sugar; because, in order to get this to jelly consistency, one has to low boil it to the desired consistency, start earlier in the afternoon or day. ;o) Besides,

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PattyG98 January 25, 2014

I think I totally made Guava candy (thanks anyway for the warning, Rastafari). I was waiting for the jelly to drop off of the spoon in cohesive drops, but it kept oozing off like honey. By the time I finally decided to call it "done" and let it cool, it was sticky like molasses and I could barely get it into the jars. It does taste great, though :) I added a BUNCH of extra lime juice because I wanted it to be more tangy. The last couple of jars also got a dash of red pepper flakes and a squirt of sriracha for fun. <br/><br/>FYI, for anyone else who has never made jelly before, do not be discouraged by what seems like a small amount of fruit juice. It gets kind of puffed up with air once you add the sugar and boil it. I only got 1 cup of liquid from 15 guavas initially. Perhaps my guavas are smaller of less juicy than some? And I was conscientious to add JUST enough water to cover them. I then panicked and pulled several more guavas from the tree in my yard and I was more liberal with the water. Ultimatley I filled six 4-ounce jelly jars with my molasses. <br/><br/>I will likely try this recipe (or one like it) again. I'm wondering if some pectin would help make it more jelly-like and less honey/molasses-ish? I also like the idea of including more of the fruit as suggested by Praiseyaweh. Plus I wouldn't mind NOT waiting *hours* for all of the liquid to drip out of the fruit. I don't have a food mill, though. Does anyone have any thoughts on using a potato ricer (too seedy?) or a juicer instead? Thanks for your suggestions and input!

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AnnaBanana414 September 22, 2013

This was a perfect recipe! With simple natural ingredients, I even put in 1/2 the called for recipe and a little more lemon, and it turned out great, a bit more tart. I also found that during the sifting process when you put in more of the fruit, the texture of the jelly was more jam-like, and when you JUST put in the juice, it came out more jelly-like. I preferred when it was more jam-like. Thanks for this recipe!

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Shk275 November 03, 2012

Best jelly I've ever had. I have a few guava trees and can never give them out or et them all quick enough. This recipe is very simple and your only limitation is the size of pot you have to cook in. I use a real big pot made for canning and can make a huge batch at once. The longer you cook down the mixture the thicker it gets, be careful not to make a batch of candy. I found that leaving the jelly slightly thinner than your average store bought jelly is better and easier to spread. I call my end result "guava goo" and send a jar to all my friends and family for the holidays and everyone loves it. Even the people who cringe when biting into a ripe guava can't believe how good this is. I use my yellow guavas for this recipe and organic sugar.

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Rastafari October 12, 2012

I loved it! Instead of straining with towel y put it through food mill after boiling the guava in water then proceded with recipe. i also put 3 cups sugar for 5 cups of guava liquid. It turned out great!

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praise November 01, 2011
Guava Jelly