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Very different kind of recipe which my family and I really enjoyed. I do a lot of international cooking and came across this recipe while on a culinary trek across Central America (in my kitchen). It is very easy to make. It takes little effort on the cook's part since most of the time is consumed by simmering....as Winkki said. Thanks for posting it, Winkki.

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masscjs November 04, 2010

I simplified this a bit, by using skinless, boneless chicken thighs, which reduced the cooking time. I also cut the recipe in half, except for the onion and garlic, and probably the tomatoes - I just put in some tinned ones, since it isn't exactly tomato season around here. I did use a fresh, very ripe pineapple, since they were on sale. (BECAUSE they were very ripe, ha! ha!) The result was tangy and delicious. I'll be making this again. Thanks, Winkki!

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Jenny Sanders April 05, 2005
Guatemalan Chicken with Pineapple (Pollo en Pina)