Guacamole-Smoked Salmon Bruschetta

Total Time
5 mins
2 mins

I like this recipe because it is simple and easy to make. I've actually made the guacomole in advance, so that the flavours set in. This is good as part of a light supper, when some of your other recipes are just not ready yet, and you need an extra few minutes to wait.

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  1. Mash the avocados together. Add the chopped tomatoes, grated carrots, crushed fennel seeds, salt and pepper, and lemon juice. Mix well.
  2. Thinly butter each slice of French bread, and toast it in the oven for 2 minutes.
  3. After taking out the French bread slices, add one piece of smoked salmon to each slice.
  4. Top the French bread and salmon with one or two slices of white onion, as desired.
  5. Adding as a third layer of topping the tomato-avocado mix.
  6. Serve one or two per person.