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How easy can it get? This was made in literally 2 minutes. Sorry, I have no idea what Picante sauce is, so substituted Tabasco.. um,... let me tell you that a decent half teaspoon of the stuff is too much .. (not that I'm really good dealing with fire anyway) so I needed to add another avocado to balance things out a bit and tone down the fire. NO fault of the recipe of course, just a warning to those who also can't get hold of Picante sauce and are experimenting with a substitution. Add just a smidgen and then taste *before* adding more LOL. I like to try as many Guac recipes as I can, and hands down this is the fastest and easiest, but if I can get the hot sauce to replace the more diverse tastes of previous recipes as favourite remains to be seen. Please see my rating system, a lovely 4 stars :) Thanks! Editing to add: I got a note from No MSG after my review and found her comments so helpful that I will add them here for those who also do not know what Pace medium picante sauce is: "The picante sauce that we use has tomatoes, peppers, and onions so it's a real short cut to cutting them all up yourself. Tabasco really isn't the same thing but would spice it up in a pinch. I don't know if you have access to any kind of Mexican salsa or a chunky, spicy sauce with the above-mentioned vegetables in it. That would be closer to what we would use here." I will now look for the correct thing and try again, Thanks, No MSG!

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kiwidutch September 25, 2006

I love pace Picante, and really love avocadoes, so what could be better? So easy too! I'm anxious to try it......

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Granny Connie July 29, 2005
Guacamole Pronto!