Recipe by Chef Izziepoo123

a really simple recipe easy for kids to do with supervision from adults

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  1. cut open the avacado.
  2. take off the skin and take out the seed.
  3. cut the avocado into little bits.
  4. place the little bits in a pile and mush it up so it is like a dip.
  5. place in your serving bowl or plate.
  6. next chop up the onion into as small pieces as you can get.
  7. place that in the bowl or plate.
  8. next chop the pepper up into small pieces remembering to only chop the red not white bits.
  9. chop the tomato into small pieces.
  10. put all of it in the bowl or plate.
  11. mix it all together.
  12. squeeze the lime in to the bowl.
  13. spread the guacamole into the four bowls or plates.

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