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Hello evelyn/athens, we made these last night and they were fantastically wonderful!(How about that for a word? If there is such a thing!) We enjoyed them thoroughly and made them almost just as posted. However, I did add 2 tablespoons of fresh chives as well. They were nice and crispy and I thought we would have enough for today, but no such luck! The staff went at them as if they hadn't eaten in over a week, and those delicious morsels of dough were gone. Thanks for posting such a yummy recipe. Everyone, these will be great for the holidays! Diane :)

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Manami October 17, 2006

I cut this recipe in half since my hungry group was small, & now I wish I'd made the whole thing ~ THESE ARE GREAT! Taste, prep, everything ~ JUST WONDERFUL, & I already have 3 other events this month & plan to serve these puffs at all three! Thanks for sharing your recipe! [Made & reviewed while on World Tour 4 in Germany]

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Sydney Mike May 27, 2008

This is so funny--- I LOVED THESE! So much so I described them to my dad who laughed and reminded me how many I had scarfed down as a kid. He used to make something very similar and kept them in the freezer for guests. Just reheat them and they're great. I can't tell you about the batch I made, because they were all eaten within a few hours. (And I wish I could blame it on a HUGE party, but we just ate....and ate....)

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DeeCooks March 08, 2008
Gruyere Cheese Puffs