Groundhog Day Cupcakes

Total Time
20 mins
0 mins

These are really cute cupcakes to celebrate Groundhog Day on Feb. 2. The design is from Disney. They are adorable and great for kids to take to school.

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  • 12 baked cupcakes
  • 6 almond joy candy bars
  • 10 white jelly beans
  • 3 watermelon slice candy
  • 48 brown miniature M&M's chocolate candies
  • 4 chocolate cookies
  • white frosting
  • black decorating gel


  1. Remove a piece of cake the width of an Almond Joy candy from the center of a baked cupcake.
  2. Set the candy upright in the hole, then spread a layer of white frosting on the cupcake.
  3. For the groundhog's eyes, trim the ends from a white jelly bean, stick them in place with frosting, then dot them with black decorators' gel.
  4. Add a tiny triangle cut from a watermelon slice candy for a nose, brown M&M's Minis for ears and cheeks, and a tiny rectangular piece of white jelly bean for teeth.
  5. Sprinkle chocolate cookie crumbs around the partially emerged groundhog, and he's ready to greet his fans.
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I made these for mothers day and made bears instead of groundhogs (because my mom really likes bears)

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My kids and I made these for Groundhog day this year! They turned out really cute and the kids really had fun putting them together. Thank you for posting this cute idea!

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I just got done making some of these. Here are my tips. Use full size candy bar as stated before. Cut out hole in cupcake 1st then set cut out cake aside. Frost cupcake then sprinkle on the cut out as crumbs. Then push in your predecorated groundhog. This would be good for a grade school project.