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I made these for mothers day and made bears instead of groundhogs (because my mom really likes bears)

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tasterboy May 08, 2008

My kids and I made these for Groundhog day this year! They turned out really cute and the kids really had fun putting them together. Thank you for posting this cute idea!

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my3beachbabes February 06, 2008

I just got done making some of these. Here are my tips. Use full size candy bar as stated before. Cut out hole in cupcake 1st then set cut out cake aside. Frost cupcake then sprinkle on the cut out as crumbs. Then push in your predecorated groundhog. This would be good for a grade school project.

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thecatergator January 24, 2008

What a cute idea! I used this for a birthday cake, and had four of these little guys poking out of it. Took the advice of Marg, and used the full size almond joy bars (2), making 4 total groundhogs. I used a few melted chocolate chips to 'glue' on all the pieces. Used brown M&M mini's for the ears, a glob of white frosting with a round black jimmy sprinkle for the eyes, and a large round flat black sprinkle to build up the mouth, and then stuck two white long jimmies to that for his teeth. They are time consuming- but very cute when all constructed and are burrowing out of your cake! Thanks for the fun idea!

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Jess_WI February 03, 2007

These deserve 10-stars just because they are so unique and so cute! The kids had an absolute blast making them. A few hints...you definitely have to get the full size Almond Joys. The snack size only has one almond and since it is in the middle of the bar, you can't use it for the face. (I sure am glad there is a gas station right down the road, hehehe.) We found it worked best to apply each face with the candy bar laying flat on the counter. Then, once the icing had 'set' so the m&m's etc. wouldn't fall off, you could put it into the cupcake and the put the ears on. We also felt it was easier to ice the cupcake and then cut the hole out. We ran out of mini brown m&m's so we then used mini chocolate chips for the ears on most of them. I had heart shaped sprinkles for Valentines and we used red ones for the nose and the white ones broken in half for the tooth. I used white icing for the eyes with a bit of purple gummy candies for the pupil. Next time I'll make some chocolate icing for the "glue" so it doesn't show up as much as the white. I used a 1/2 recipe of Dark Chocolate Cake for the 12 cupcakes and Decorator Buttercream Icing for the icing. Thanks for sharing such a great kid-friendly recipe!!!

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Marg (CaymanDesigns) February 02, 2006

These were a big hit with my kids. I normally don't have the patience to fiddle around with cute little cupcakes, but I gave it my best shot. Here are my recommendations: 1) I think Mounds candy bar would work better. That almond in the almond joy just seemed to get in the way. I ended up putting my groundhog face on the back of the almond joy because the almond was just too big to work around in the front. 2)Buy the full size candy bars. I tried the small size and they were too small to work with, 3) if you make 12 cupcakes, you actually need 12 jelly beans, not 10. I also cheated and used a non-toxic crayola marker to make the pupils on the eyes. I couldn't find the black decorating gel, so I just used the marker. As I said, the kids were thrilled with these, so the effort was worth it! :)

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Ms*Bindy February 01, 2006
Groundhog Day Cupcakes