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Really wonderful. Tastes like Gyros. I used 1 lb ground sirloin and 1 lb ground lamb. The tzatziki was wonderful, very fresh tasting. Loved it sliced thin in a tortilla or wrap with lettuce and the sauce. YUM.

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lalentine October 16, 2010

DH and I made this lamb recipe tonight in a loaf pan for dinner and thought it was nice. We halved the recipe, so the cooking time was less. I used a pre-made Tzatziki sauce that I have used before from a gourmet market, so this review just pertains to the loaf. For the loaf and the condiments, I followed the directions as posted and used a fresh heirloom tomato from my garden. The prep was easy and we also mixed the meat by hand, like Chef Kate. Thanks for an easy, tasty dinner.

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Dr. Jenny September 09, 2009

My husband pronounced this recipe delicious. He has been slurping for this particular lamb sandwich for quite some time. Me? It smelled yummy but I did not taste it because of my sensitivity to onion and garlic. The recipe is easy (I did it in the oven in a loaf pan)and a real keeper. I omitted the cuke because I didn't have any and I subbed Champagne vinegar for the red wine vinegar for the same reason. I used garlic powder instead of fresh garlic in the sauce and I used a large flour tortilla warmed in the microwave instead of pita. Thanks for sharing, CoolMonday! BTW, my hubby is a retired chef so I consider his opinion pretty reliable. Five stars all the way!

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mycrocodile October 08, 2007

First, I don't have a rotisserie and I ignored that part. Second, I mixed the meat by hand. Third, I used fresh rather than dried herbs in the meat. I made the sauce exactly as directed. When the lamb came out of the oven, I drained away the fat, and served it nice and hot with the tzatziki and the suggested garnish--it all disappeared. So even though I didn't make it in the pate like fashion in the recipe, I found the flavor to be wonderful--so five stars it is.

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Chef Kate September 27, 2005
Ground Lamb Loaf & Tzatziki Sauce