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Kittencal there needs to be 10 stars for your recipes. This was just fantastic tasting. I could eat pasta for the rest of my days and I would be so happy. I had used pork and beef mixture and a red pepper not green pepper and fresh mushrooms. The bacon gave such a nice smokey flavor to the sauce. I would of cooked the sauce a little longer but my DD was just starving ...so it only simmered about 45 minutes. I think I slipped in a few extra chili pepper flakes by mistake because it had a nice zip to it. Not too spicy but just right. Kittencal I do love your recipes, thank you so much for this one. We both loved it.

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FrenchBunny January 19, 2009

I made this the other day, and forgot to post my review. This is the ultimate comfort food! So good! I made the recipe as is, however threw in a handful of shredded carrot, just because I like the flavor in goulash dishes. Thanks Kitt! Already in the permenant lamenated file! :) Made for 1.2.3 Hits!

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kittycatmom March 27, 2009

Because of the heat factor to this goulash (of course optional) this made a nice kicked up version of my normal goulash. I used red pepper flakes as I didn't have dried chili pepper flakes. I'm not sure the difference? This goulash got favorable remarks from DS's as they loved the bacon addition. I opted to not put in the onion, green pepper or mushrooms. Again, family preference. And, I chose to use ground beef for the meat of choice. I'm betting the italian sausage would get kudo's as well.:-) Thanks for a great comfort type meal for our family Kits~ Made for 123Hits.

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CoffeeB February 16, 2009

If my kids had things their way, we could do skillet meals out of a box seven nights a week. This skillet meal was one that they loved (and I liked it too)! Adult flavors with kid favorites - they were even happy to pick out the mushrooms. I think I might make the sauce in bulk and freeze it for spaghetti sauce. Thanks!

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momofseven December 18, 2007

I had to use minature elbow macaroni in place of the Penne pasta. Par boiled the macaroni for five minutes, then added it to the simmering goulash. After another 15 or so minutes, plated the meal. Compliments to me from around the table.

Thanks for posting the recipe, Kittencal. It is terrific.

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RedJim March 11, 2013
Ground Beef Goulash