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I rated this based only on the meat mixture, because I used puff pastry instead of pie crust or potatoes. If I ever do make this again, I'll use pie crust. However, the meat mixture may have been better if I had celery, which I was out of and didn't realize it until I was well into preparation. I substituted some green beans. So, I probably shouldn't have even rated this because I didn't really follow the recipe. However, I think those small changes didn't make that much difference. The basic mix of meat and veges is your typical soup combo. While I was generous with the Parmesan, it could have taken even more. The chili pepper flake amount was about right for my taste, but more would have been OK because I used mild sausage. If you use hot sausage, don't increase the red pepper flakes. I think there is something missing from this. Maybe a bay leaf in the meat mixture while it simmers would be good? I doubt I'll make it again, mainly because it took me 40 min. just to gather and prep all the ingredients. Trip to the freezer, trip to the pantry, chop the onion, open all the cans, thaw out the meat, chop the other veges, soften the butter. . . Yup - 40 min.

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Cook In Southwest April 25, 2015

This was a georgeous dish, but instead of using pastry or potatoes for the topping (which would be delicious no doubt), I actually made a savoury crumble out of butter, flour, cheese and oats, and it goes beautifully with this dish. Also added a few more bits of veg, and some tomato puree to the gravy, but the gravy was already delicious before adding that, and pefect thickness thanks to the butter and flour mix. The beef and sausage go perfectly together. A very filling and tasty meal.

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Davey G. April 09, 2015

This was delicious! I used all ground sausage and a smashed potato topping. It was absolutely wonderful and is a great comfort meal for a chilly day. We had this for a Saturday dinner, and I will definitely make this again! :)

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VickyJ February 12, 2008
Ground Beef and Sausage Pie (Pastry or Potato Topped)