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Since my husband and I love to use Tony's on our meats (and everything else) and we also marinate a lot with the italian dressing, I knew we were likely to like this. It turned out great. I made these the night before Easter on my menu #15692 menu (as kabobs). They were very colorful but best of all EVERYONE loved them. We will make these again and again.

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gammy in tx April 03, 2008

I've never cooked Venison before so I did the best I could. I used a regular pan and I over-cooked the Venison by accident because the bacon wasn't even close to done. Still a wonderful flavor though. Next time, I think I will fry up the bacon first, throw the seasoned meat in the bacon grease, and THEN wrap up the meat after everything is cooked. Fool proof :)

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Stefanie828 January 22, 2011

I thought these were delish. I was really afraid to cook deer meat because I had never done it before but these balls were the best i ever put in my mouth.

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carrie g in south eastern north carolina November 13, 2009

made these for our 4th of july cookout and they were the hit of the table! due to the number of these i was making i used deer steaks instead of backstrap and marinated the steaks for 2 days as the cookout got postponed. i also didn't wrap them in bacon till that morning. didn't have the seasoning called for so i used some sweet mesquite rub i love and grilled them over gas (gasp!) also used skewers instead of toothpicks. they were absolutely fantastic! in fact one guest who doesn't care all that much for venison feeds most of it to his dog. he said he may have to raid the dog's stash lol!

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MuddyMommaPottery July 08, 2008

I used backstrap for the meat. And it was a winner! Everyone ate it up, at our picnic.The meat was so tasty and not dry. The seasoning was perfect, not over or under done. It was also easy to make. We will make this again.

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Sonja #4 April 22, 2008

This is fantastic! We usually chicken fry our backstrap but this was a great change. I'll be doing this again. Thanks Pokey for a great recipe.

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Lizzybob June 05, 2007

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I used Viva Italian dressing for the marinate and the Tony Cachere's seasoning. I also put these on skewers for ease of grilling and handling. My mother and father in law who are big hunters and very picky about how deer is cooked raved and raved about this recipe! 5 Stars!! We have pleanty of deer in the freezer (my sons first! :) and I love to grill in the summer, so sounds like I'll be making this recipe over and over again! Thanks so much!!! :)

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CrazyCyndi May 20, 2006

These were not eaten! They were DEVOURED! DH skewered them rather than use toothpicks- fast! thanks Kim127- and grilled outside over charcoal. They didn't even make it in the house before he was pulling them off the skewer and popping them in his mouth! lol We had guests for supper the next night and dh was raving about these- so I heated the few he didn't already inhale in a skillet over med heat and served them to our guests as an impromptu appy. NOW THEY are raving too! Fantastic recipe Pokey! Thanks for sharing!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) April 03, 2006

I made these to use up some venison chops that a coworker had given me. They went over really well, especially with DH and my dad. I didn't have any Cajun seasoning on hand, so I opted for Spicy Montreal Steak Seasoning instead. I had to broil them in the oven, because we don't have a porch and I can't drag the grill into the yard in the snow (other than not having the smokiness that you get from grilling, they were still really good). I don't have venison on hand very often, but I will definitely make these again the next time I get my hands on venison. Thanks for posting!

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Muffin Goddess February 16, 2006
Grilled Venison Bites (Deer Balls) (Cajun)