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Fantastic sandwich. I left off the red peppers because there were none in the pantry. Made for 1, 2, 3 Hit Wonders.

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Brookelynne26 December 05, 2009

WOW, Julie !! This was a great combination of a vast variety of flavors !! We had purchased a 2-pack of marinated turkey breast loins from Costco, and grilled them the night before. Knowing we had all this delicious meat, when I saw the review on your recipe -- I immediately made my grocery list. Bought a bakery loaf of sour-dough and cut 2 slices from the center. Goofed -- and toasted them lightly from reading another recipe, but no harm. Thinly sliced a Vidalia onion, a sizeable slab of roasted red pepper, and 2 lovely fresh Basil leaves from the whiskey barrel -- put all together on The George Forman grill, eliminating the need to "flip" a really stuffed sandwich, and 1 large sandwich was plenty for the 2 of us !! We really enjoyed this -- thanks so much for posting ! Janey

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NurseJaney June 22, 2008

hi puppitypup, what a sandwich!!! yesterday, when I returned from a dr's visit - having been on the bus for over 2 hrs and through the hi's and low's of Miami - I was very tired and hungry!! so I made this fantastic sandwich! had to make some changes as it was al I had - had to use Jewish rye with caraway seeds, used homemade apricot preserves, & used more roasted red peppers than you posted! Other than that - it was heavenly! It was wonderful with a large glass of ice cold juice! While I was eating, everyone around me kept saying that looks so good etc. told them all that they could come upstairs and get a copy of the recipe - already translated. This should be a 10+ and will definitely be made again, thanks for posting. Made for Potluck Game, Diane :)

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Manami June 20, 2008
Grilled Turkey and Swiss Panini Sandwich