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Fabulous lunch salad! I added yellow tomatoes, avocado slices and two poached eggs, loved the dressing! The grilled tuna makes all the difference in the world, this will be made again many times!

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gemini08 April 23, 2013

Yum! The dressing for this salad is absolutely scrumptious! I made this a deconstructed salad rather than tossing it. Used asparagus instead of green beans, plus red onion, capers, kalamatas, potatoes, and tomatoes. For the tuna, we pan-seared a huge chunk of ahi and served it sliced over the salad. Excellent! Will definitely make this again!

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Jostlori April 22, 2013

I made this for lunch the other day and I cannot believe I forgot to take a photo!!!! Perhaps I did and forgot LOL. It was so pretty! Anyhoo, I left off the potatoes to decrease the carb count, but we certainly didn't miss them. I also found the dressing a little too thymey (if that's a word). Thanks for posting!

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JanuaryBride January 12, 2012

excellent summer dinner! the dressing is fairly forgiving: i used fresh basil & savory in place of the thyme and it came out delicious. (oh, also used cider vinegar as i was out of red wine vinegar).

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annfchen August 02, 2009

Fantastic salad and amazingly filling! The men in my family loved it (3 sons and hubby). I seared the tuna steaks with a sesame seed coating for about 1-2 minutes on each of the 6 sides and then sliced thinly and placed on top of the assembled salad, instead of breaking it up. I forgot to photograph it. It was beautiful! The dressing was fabulous and perfect for each item on the salad. It's like a buffet right on your plate with all of the ingredients. I also added a couple of artichoke hearts (not marinated) and used nicoise olives instead of ripe olives. Very tasty and impressive!

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JeanieK May 23, 2009

My rating is for the dressing only, although I think most would agree that makes the salad! It was wonderful. I only used 2T EVOO, which totally worked for me because I like the tart. However, Gato said the dressing was wonderful, but needed more oil! There you have it... personal preference. Thanks so much chef blade. This was GREAT!

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Tia Mouse August 28, 2007

My husband, Mr. Cookgirl prepared this salad for me tonight for dinner. Here is his review that I quote, minus the hems and haws: "The fish market was closed and I wasn't able to buy albacore. Are you angry at me? So instead I opted for fresh ahi tuna (yes, I checked the pull date and sniffed discreetly, geez!) which was grilled with a bit of lemon juice, S/P. You, my exquisite domestic goddess wife, Cookgirl, suggested I use Trader Joe's brand of white balsamic instead of the darker variety. (Sometimes I think we are polar opposites.) Are red potatoes the same as new potatoes, because that is what I used? This salad is served alongside with organic mixed greens, including baby spinach leaves, none of that limpy iceberg stuff. All the ingredients are placed separately on the individual plate for each serving, not tossing it all together. I think it has a better presentation that way. Finally, notice I garnished the salad with hard boiled egg and lemon wedges. Or did you miss that? Definitely serve with fresh crusty bread from the local bakery and a glass of white wine." Saved a smidgy of cooked tuna for kitty. CG says: "Heaven!"

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COOKGIRl March 13, 2005
Grilled Tuna Salad Nicoise