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The flavor of these steaks is amazing! We grilled them, and I thought the sauce was just right. I will definitely save this in favorites cookbook. Thanks for posting a real treat.

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PanNan April 23, 2006

I can't believe this recipe hasn't been rated, it is truly delicious. I doubled the marinade recipe to make sure I had enough for two large steaks. Since I doubled it I used 2 Tbs of fresh garlic and 2 Tbs of garlic powder. I also used 2 Tbs of dried cilantro since my fresh was no longer fresh. It smelled wonderful. The sauce needed a little adjusting. I tripled the sauce recipe and it was horrible at first taste. But I understood the flavor the chef was aiming for and I began adding more and more brown sugar. I suggest adding brown sugar until the sauce tastes good to you. At some point it will, the flavors will just click. (I would say how much I added, but I lost track with adding and tasting). This is a five star recipe though; my picky husband raved, and I loved it as well. I chilled the sauce and served it with hot, out of the broiler, steaks. A must try!

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dreamcookie September 22, 2004
Grilled Thai Sirloin with Tangy Lime Sauce