Grilled Tandoori Chicken Ala Mareesme

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Total Time
8hrs 30mins
30 mins
8 hrs

As close as I could get to a dish served at a Chicago restaurant I frequented. I use whole quartered chicken, since I think marinating time will turn boneless chicken to mush. (5/23: I keep skin on the chicken. If wanted, you could take it off before eating.)

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  1. Prick chicken pieces all over with a fork.
  2. Combine yogurt and garlic and marinate chicken for 5 hours in this mixture in non-metal pan covered with plastic wrap in refrigerator. Turn often.
  3. Mix remaining ingredients. Rub or spread this paste on chicken after it has been removed from marinade. Let stand for 2-3 hours in refrigerator.
  4. Grill over medium coals or on oiled grates of gas grill for 45-55 minutes, checking with thermometer to confirm doneness.
  5. NOTE: I prefer using indirect method of cooking this on a covered grill. If using gas grill, only light right burner and cook on left side.