Grilled Shrimp With Garlic & Herbs

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10 mins
0 mins

Lots of garlic and herbs on grilled succulent shrimp!

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  1. Mix all ingredient in a bag and marinate for 20 minutes in the refrigerator. Prepare grill to high heat and grill for 5-6 minutes turning to char all sides.
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WOW - this recipe is fabulous!!! We made it for a 4th of July party and it was a hit. My 16 year old son took over the prep for this one and he added lemon zest and a little white wine and fresh basil in place of the dried. The shrimp ended up marinating for a few hours before we grilled them and the flavour was great. Thanks for sharing, Rita!!

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Fantastic!! I added a bit more garlic and a teaspoon of good seasons dry italian dressing mix to the spices. I also brushed them lightly with butter before serving. Will definitely be making this again. Thanks!

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Totally easy and tastes like you slaved over it. Have served this several times and there are NEVER leftovers on the table. Perfect exactly the way the recipe is written.