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WOW. These shrimp were spicy little babes! ( I used a teaspoon of dried red pepper flakes, (then added a coupe shakes more), and that was just right for me.) I marinated them for about 6 hours in a zip bag, turning and squishing around several times during the day. But it's the whole combination of flavors that will keep this recipe on my list. I can't wait to serve this to our friends and family! Patting the shrimp dry is imperative here so the oil does it's wonders under the broiler(I did) or on the grill. Drain them in a colander. I put a jelly roll pan on the highest slot of my oven, preheated the broiler, and couldn't quite get them in a single layer, just moved them around so they were even. It took 7 minutes and they were perfect. I didn't even turn them. Like I said before...WOW. This is a keeper, thanks Nan!

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Chef PotPie June 30, 2008

I am not going to give this stars because there was something wrong with my shrimp. Like a bad one in it and it was the first one i ate. However the marinade smelled wonderful, and the flavors of these would be super if i had not had the uhh... problem... i did. Would suggest others try it though, its simple to make and the combination of garlic, lemon and hot chili pepper is great.

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MarraMamba December 04, 2007
Grilled Shrimp Pili Pili