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This was delicious, lazyme. The roasted peppers are a wonderful accompaniment to the beef. We really enjoyed this dish. And it's really quite easy and quick to make, too. While the beef set aside for an hour, I puttered around the kitchen and prepared side dishes. So it all came together nicely. The anchovy fillets surprisingly add a great touch, too.

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NorthwestGal January 30, 2014

I used a *big* rib steak with the bone attached that was almost an inch thick. Aside from that I followed the recipe and got amazing results. The marinade with the anchovie is the total bomb that gives a rich sophisticated goodness that you might (or might not) get in an expensive steak house. Add to that the flame grilling and you have a steak to remember and impress the bejeppers out of company with. The peppers are great company for the steak and would make a yummy side for so many things. This recipe is star quality all the way and if your looking flavor you'll find it here. My only addition to this dinner was baked potatoes on the plate.

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Annacia June 10, 2013
Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks With Roasted Peppers