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Wonderful! Delicious! Great flavor, and the recipe works right down to the last detail - and it's so EASY!!! The sauce is fantastic. I've made similar dishes with similar ingredients, but they've all used apple cider, so I was interested to see what using concentrated apple juice would do. First, it makes a wonderful marinade - the pork took on a beautiful color and glaze, and the flavor definitely seeped into the meat because I could taste the subtle sweetness of it when I ate it. The pork came out PERFECTLY. The apple juice concentrate also provided a nice punch of apple flavor to the sauce, which was so good and so simple to eat! I did substitute a white onion for the red onion, because my red onion disappeared for some reason, but other than that I stuck with the recipe, just halving the ingredients to make fewer portions. My husband told me to give you 5 stars, and 5 stars you shall have. We loved it, and will be making it again for sure!

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P4 January 13, 2003

I had a few girl friends over for dinner last night, and everyone enjoyed this. the only negative comments were it was a bit sweet. thanks for posting

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Laureen in B.C. February 26, 2011

I only made the marinade, but it was really good. I had a bit of trouble gettting it grilled to perfection (a little burnt), but that was the cook's fault!

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jane49423 June 14, 2010

This recipe is great! I used my rotisserie on my outdoor grill to cook the pork tenderloin. The flavor was wonderful and the pork came out very juicy and tender. I marinated the pork for about 24hrs. The sauce was divine! I was looking for an autumn dish that I could still use my grill and this fit the bill perfectly. My guests just loved it. I served this dish with homemade macaroni and cheese I made in advance because we were having some kids over and I was afraid they might not like the flavors in the pork but they ended up loving the pork as well. Thanks for the great recipe!

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celiavolpe October 15, 2007

Simply delicious. My DD said to give it 10 stars and my husband is still talking about how great dinner was tonight. There wasn't a piece left over. I was hoping for my sauce to be a little thicker but the flavour was definitely there. I'll be making this one again. Thanks for posting it Miss Gracie.

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heather in Ont, May 06, 2004
Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Apples and Brandy Cream Sauce