Total Time
1hr 10mins
Prep 40 mins
Cook 30 mins

Got this from McCormick and had it for dinner last night. Whole family enjoyed it. I don't have a grill, so I pan seared it first then finished baking it in the oven. Love how the rub gets caramelized. Delicious. I usually marinate over night.

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  1. Mix seasonings in small bowl. Coat pork evenly with the rub. Refrigerate 30 minutes or up to 3 hours for extra flavor.
  2. Grill over medium heat 25 to 30 minutes or until desired doneness, turning occasionally.
  3. Let pork stand 5 minutes before cutting into thin slices.
  4. Test Kitchen Tip: Pork loin roast or baby back ribs can also be prepared with the rub.
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I cooked mine on the grill. Don't let the "burn" look fool you - it's just the sugar caramelizing. I dont' know if it was the cut of meat I used (a split pork loin) of the length of time it took to cook - but the meat was tough. The outside was hard and the flavor was weird. I don't do this one again.

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This is an EXCELLENT rub made from ingredients I always have on hand - I LOVE that! The sweet and spicy flavors, mixed with that great grilled taste, really complemented the pork. I used this rub on thick-cut chops and seared them on both sides and grilled them over a low flame for approx. 20 minutes (165F internal temp). Thanks so much for this great recipe! Looking forward to using it all summer! :)

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This was okay. Used it on pork tenderloins but didn't have time to let it sit for awhile. I'll give it another try this summer and refrigerate for a couple hours to see if it is better.