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Phenomenal recipe! I was anxiously looking to use up some fresh cored pineapple that I had bought and I also needed to use up some pork chops; hence, I did a search for recipes using both. It must have been fate that I stumbled upon this keeper. DH and I both LOVED it and will make it many more times in the future. The pork was tender and flavorful. I marinated about 5.5 hours. I loved the grilled onion/pineapple topping as well. The only change I made was to use olive oil in the marinade and I used about 6 pork chops, which the marinade more than covered. While I chopped up fresh mint, in my excitement to eat I forgot to garnish. I didnt think the lime was necessary. Thanks for a fantastic dinner, ellie!

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Dr. Jenny April 08, 2010

These turned out better than expected. I used boneless pork steaks and the meat was quite dark so I expected it to have a strong flavor. Either the steaks were better quality than expected or this marinade really did the trick! I also used canned pineapple and just grilled it on the side.

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Chef Tweaker September 08, 2008

This recipe was exquisite! The flavors went so well together. Because I messed up on cooking this recipe I went to plan B - I cooked the pork chops 3/4 of the way while I cooked my pineapple and red onions in a pan on the grill. Placed the pork chops in the pan with the pineapple and red onions to let simmer with the remainder of the sauce until done. I look forward to making this nice dish again. 10 stars.

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BLUE ROSE July 21, 2008

This was absolutely great! I was looking for a "lighter/guiltfree" way of cooking pork chops than my normal way (flouring & Frying). So I tried these. They came out moist and flavorful. I also used canned pineapple and it was still wonderful. Even my husband (who isn't crazy about pork chops) loved these and took the leftovers to work. Thanks for a very different twist to my pork chops!

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Chefcrystal June 28, 2007

This was great! I live in a building, so I dont have a bbq- I made all of it indoors. I followed the frist several steips, then I cooked the pineapple and onions on low in a sauce pan, and broiled the pork chops, they came out fantastic! Thanks! I will make again!

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NewYorkMama July 24, 2006

Wonderful! I made this last night for dinner and got thumbs up! I made as posted except left out the mint and I used canned pineapple slices instead of fresh. I put the pineapple and onion in a grill pan and let them grill that way. The chops were tender with just a little bit of hot spice. Thanks for posting this recipe!

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Lvs2Cook June 25, 2005

My 5 1/2 yr liked this alot and she's pretty picky. My DH also liked it. This is a totally new type of dish for them both as I have never made any meats with fruit or sweet flavorings. I thought why not try something totally new? They both want me to make this again. I didn't eat it because I am diabetic but I tasted the meat and it was delicious, tender- kind of tangy, not as sweet as I expected. I made a few changes to make more kid friendly. I left out the allspice, the chili flakes, the onion and the mint because she doesn't like spicy stuff. I added 2 tsp minced garlic and 2 tablespoons of dried, minced onions. I used canned pineapple rings and used all of the juice instead of just 1/3 cup. I put the pineapple rings right on top of the chops while baking and put cherries in the centers (she loves cherries). I baked mine in the oven at 350 for 1hr 20 min. This was a real winner! Thank you so much for posting this dish. It was really nice to get "Mmm" from my daughter instead of "Do I have to eat the meat?!? I don't like the..."

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Realtor by day, Chef by night March 10, 2009

Ellie, Ellie, Ellie...thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this recipe. Hands down, thumbs up, accompanied with sighs of sheer delight these chops were the absolute best I have ever made. And, trust me, I've tried many different approaches :) I, too, as LVS2Cook did, used canned pineapple. Oh, and I got a late start and they only marinated for 4 hours...they were still fab tender (and not the best cuts, I might add). We also put onions and pine in grill pan. DH is in charge of grill, and he pronounced the meal as being quick, easy, and absolutely delicious. High compliments!!!!

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1TexasLizard March 12, 2007

Pork chops are a favorite in my house. This was no exception. The marinade makes a wonderful flavored dish. I used canned sliced pineapple and a sweet white onion. Served this with roasted potatoes and Peas with Mushrooms Peas With Mushrooms by LonghornMama. Delicious!

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PaulaG July 10, 2005
Grilled Pork Chops With Pineapple