Grilled Pepper Jack Jalapeno Burgers

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 10 mins

A thick, spicy, moist burger with attitude. Need I say more?

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Prepare grill for cooking on high heat.
  2. Mix jalapeno pepper, garlic, onion and ground beef in bowl.
  3. Separate beef mixture into about 7 equal bundles.
  4. Place a thick slice of pepper jack cheese into center of each beef bundle (about the size of a thick butter pat). Form bundles into patties.
  5. Brush grill grate with oil.
  6. Grill hamburger patties 5 minutes per side, or until desired doneness.
  7. Remove burgers from grill; top with more pepper jack cheese.
  8. Let rest on serving plate for 5 minutes.
  9. Serve on toasted buns with condiments of your choice.
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"A thick, spicy, moist burger with attitude." You got that right Fauve!! All these bad boys needed was a little fresh ground pepper and some good old kosher salt. Oh ya...

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I used 80/20% lean burger. I cut the recipe in 1/2 and out of the 1 1/2 lbs. I got 4 good sized burgers. Loved the kick of the jalapenos, and with the cheese addition, I felt like I was in little Mexico :) I served with ketchup and salsa mixed together on top, and sour cream on top of that with some chopped onion. Now THIS is a burger. Awesome!!! Thanks Fauve!

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Burgers are so good and grilled burgers are my favorite, so this recipe enticed me to make them. I am so glad I did! Excellent spiciness from the peppers and cheese. I will be making these when the family comes over so they can enjoy them too! They were so juicy and tender. Make sure you don't press the burgers down with the spatulda. They will lose all the juices and become dry! Thank you for posting!